30 Day Guarantee

For remotes and small accessories like power cords we will refund the full amount less the cost of outbound shipping/handling ($10) so long as the item doesn't have any signs of wear or damage (return shipping costs are the buyers responsibility). On larger or more complex items like headboard brackets and conversion kits there would be a handling fee varying on how the item is returned (min 15%). As long as your package is post marked within 30 days of receiving your order, we will allow returns. If an item is returned in damaged condition or missing accessories we will assess restocking fees up based on resell value less handling. Items shipped after the 30 day window may not be refunded and if you want us to reship it back to you, you would need to cover that cost. Please check with us before ordering any item if you are unsure of compatibility and before sending anything back if it is outside the 30 day window. Due to the difficult return shipping nature of adjustable beds, toppers, and bedding we do not offer returns.Mattresses are subject to our returns policy found at www.SaltLakeMattress.com. The buyer is responsible for return shipping on mistake orders or those no longer needed. Call us with any questions on this policy!

1 Year/3 Year Limited Prorated Warranty

Since remote manufactures only warranty remotes for 30 days, we have decided to upgrade all of our customers to a limited one year warranty free of cost. This prorated warranty covers any defective remote or power box that has no signs of abuse or water damage and fails to power on or operate a bed. The trick is ensuring that the remote or power box is indeed the issue rather than the bed itself since these are replacing old models with aging components in many cases so we require the remote or power box to be returned for analysis before authorizing the warranty. This warranty only applies for items purchased from this site. If we determine that there is an issue with the item that was purchased within the year, we will give a discount code to purchase a new item prorating for the months used. After one year, we will offer a prorated warranty discount code to purchase a new remote from us for a 20-30% discount depending on age. (This warranty does not cover differences in pricing from the time of purchase and present costs due to changing prices over time or items that show any signs of damage or abuse.)

Optional Add-On $59 5 Year Accident Protection/No-Deductible Warranty

Available for purchase in the store (search “protection”), this add-on coverage will replace your remote if it suffers accidental damage or manufacturer defect for five years from your date of purchase. In any event you experience an issue with your new remote purchase and you have this coverage simply contact us to start a claim. When approved, send the old one back to us and we will replace it with a new one free of cost and cover the new outbound shipping (the buyer is responsible for return shipping)

* This warranty coverage is valid for the replacement of one remote only per purchase (split king bases with two remotes would require two warranty coverage to be active) and must be added to the order at the time of checkout to become active. If you use this coverage and then the second remote becomes damaged or defective contact us and we can look into selling you a new remote at wholesale. We use unique identifiers on every remote that we sell so make sure that all stickers or labels on the remotes stay intact to ensure coverage. 

Because remotes are discontinued all the time, in the event that the manufacturer no longer makes your remote we would cover the cost of an equivalent replacement remote. If no replacement remote is available then we will cover the cost of a new remote which could be used with a new processor unit and conversion kit. Because you would be responsible to cover the cost of the kit (generally $159-300 depending on the brand) we would also refund the $59 spent on the warranty package as a courtesy. If there is no available replacement or you don’t want to spend the money on a new conversion kit we will refund the $59. If you have any questions on this coverage contact us directly. This is a service that we provide in-house to offer it at a great value to our customers!

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